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Latin Music has more to do with lifestyle than a formal genre of music. It reflects that hot-blooded but cool Latin temperament, exuding a warm and, of course, extremely sensual feel. This is what makes this music so fascinating, its appeal spreading far beyond the shores of Latin America itself.
wavemusic Latinova provides a showcase for contemporary artists who are conscious of the tradition of Latin music. It includes exciting new versions of well-known classics by Jazzamor, Marc Antoine and Carmen Cuesta as well as inspired new compositions from Bebel Gilberto, Dinho Alves and Ken Ross. We think the songs would also have impressed Stan Getz and A.C. Jobim. The album breaks down traditional boundaries between old and new, between the Anglo-American and Latin music worlds, leaving us simply with a pleasant feeling of weightlessness.

1Aganju (Latin Project Remix)Bebel Gilberto
2Mas Que NadaMarc Antoine
3Looking In Your EyesRP Project
4RainBobby Caldwell
6BalancaDinho Alves
7La ConfrontacionBuenos Aires
8Azul De VoceAudio Lotion
9Troubled GirlKaren Ramiez
10Mr. MoonDouglas Datwyler
11Salsero (new mix)Ken Ross
12Mayan KissEugene Ruffolo
13Puerto De SollerMario Berger
14PearldiverMichael van Droff
15CorcovadoCarmen Cuesta
16If You Never Come To MeFessler
total play time: 65 min 48 sec
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Diane G.
Can you please advise when this disc will be available. Thank you
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