Latinova 2

Product no.: LA-02
DJ duo Gottlob+Ostendorf delved through the ocean of singles, 12-inchers, compilations, DJ projects and countless dancefloor productions to provide Calfornia Sunset Records with an album of pearls that shows that ?dance music? and ?quality? are by no means mutually exclusive. wavemusic Latinova 2 presents a top-class selection of Latin tracks with traditional South and Latin American sound structures, not forgetting jazzy and electronic House influences. Insert CD, close your eyes, open your ears and get into the groove. Mellow, deep, and housy. When the sun sets, wavemusic Latinova 2 takes over after dark ? 
1Mare (Ken Ross Remix)Ken Ross & Alkemx
2Instalacao Do SambaS-Tone Inc. Introduces Toco
3SunnyEli Goulart E Banda Do Mato
4People Gotto MoveAdani & Wolf
5Morning Sun (The JuJu Orchesrta Rough Remix)Victor Davies
6Bossa NoteDalminjo
7DriftingYukihiro Fukumoti
9NorthSouthEastwest Connection
10Made 4 YouTwo Men Legends
11Life (Natural Instrumental Mix)Vibrazioni Productions
12Take Me To This PlaceCamiel
13TimeAqua Bassino
total play time: 75 min 17 sec
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