Smile Style 2 - Deluxe Edition

Product no.: ST-02-D

What does champagne sound like? Served in all the best bars, opening up Smile Style 2 radiates the enticing aroma and taste, the effervescent tingle and the invigorating kick associated with the sparkling highlight of French wine. Take a sip: Waldeck, Club Des Belugas, Gotan Project, Peggy Lee and others show us how to celebrate life and give us a break from the stress of the daily routine.

And once more featuring exquisite packaging ? or, rather ? an exquisite case; book-style packaging and a high-gloss lacquer finish round off what is a work of art in it?s own right.

?Being a DJ means spreading good vibrations among the crowd. Bars and lounges are my stage, and when the tracks that I play get people clicking their fingers and grinning from ear to ear, then I can be assured: that?s the stuff. The mission is to deliver inspired listening pleasure: for Smile Style Vol. 2 and its successors.?

DJ Gardener of Eden & California Sunset Records

1Wearing Out My ShoesClub Des Belugas feat. Ian Mackenzie
2Fever (Gabin Remix Edit)Peggy Lee
3SunnyMontifiori Cocktail
4Whole Lotta LoveBebo Best The Super Lounge Orchestra
6Bellow The WaterfallBenny Sings
7DiferenteGotan Project
8Come E O Ar (Easy Rhodes Remix)Mo'Horizions
9L'amore Che VerraZero Sospiro
10This Is What You AreMario Biondi And The High Five Quintet
11Fascinated GrooveThe Fascinations
12La OrillaFederico Aubele
13Tout Va BienPascal Parisot
14Mood Indigo (G-Swing Remix)Nina Simone
15Tu Vuo Fa L'AmericanoRenato Corosone
16I Will SurviveThe Puppini Sisters
total play time: 70 min 0 sec
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Great music with some unexpected artists. Quality is very good.
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