Smile Style 5 - Deluxe Edition

Product no.: ST-05-D

When DJ Gardener of Eden finds himself behind the booth, he has one main objective: to whisk people away from the daily routine and conjure up a smile on their faces. His sets are journeys to a world without worries: the Smile Style world. This is a place where everything is brighter, louder, wilder and has a touch of retro. Everyone?s hair is in place, you hear the shaking of cocktails and the clinking of ice cubes, and there?s a bright pink convertible parked outside. And as you savor the last of your drink, it?s straight off to the next party.

SMILE STYLE 5 presents the new soundtrack of this world. Cool covers including Ely Bruna?s laid-back interpretation of ?1986? or Mo?Horizions cheeky version of Prince?s ?Kiss? are teamed up with a new remix of Levthand?s ?Cadillac Track?, Kojato?s ?Like A Gypsy? and Hannah Georga?s wonderfully offbeat ?Something For You?. And when singer/songwriter Muriel Zoe marks the end of the compilation with ?Stop?, you won?t want it to end.

And that?s no surprise. All tracks are personal favorites that have been tested out at countless party nights. The sort of material that loses none of its magic however often you play it. Songs that repeatedly earn positive feedback and never fail to generate a great mood. The essence of Smile Style.


1Desperately Trying (Swing Version)ANNA.LUCA
2Love To The RhythmNOISESHAPER
3Saronno On The RocksBEBO BEST
4Cadillac Track (Steinschlepper Mix)LEVTHAND
5Big Brown EyesBENNY SINGS
8Bossa For A Coup (Finegold Remix) TAPE FIVE
9Sixteen PintsFREDDY McQUINN
10Like A GypsyKOJATO
11Something For YouHANNAH GEORGAS
12Shine (The Dynamics) DUBLEX INC.
14HumanisedSOLA ROSA feat. BAJKA
total play time: 60 min 2 sec
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