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In general, songs really work when the musician has something to tell ? those artists who so often need only modest means to express everything there is to say. They generally need nothing more than their voice and a guitar. This is the main message of wavemusic?s SongRise compilation ? 15 wonderful tracks from modern-day troubadours who are masters of their art. These songs possess a certain directness, a clarity and profoundness, not infrequently accompanied by a touch of melancholy.
A look at the tracklisting shows that the emphasis here is on substance rather than style. Among the line-up are established and less well-known singer-songwriters, some of whom have been delighting us with their music for over 20 years: Ben Harper, The Indigo Girls and Del Amitri. They are joined by exciting new artists on the scene; Amos Lee and Gus Black have only recently began to make a name for themselves here in Europe, while the works of the UK?s Gwyneth Herbert and California-born Ernie Halter have yet to be released in Germany.
Every single track on this CD is a jewel in its own right. The crucial point is that it?s not about the music?s reception ? more important than who listens to it (and why) are the talented individuals who actually play it. These are songs from the heart that stand in their own right, sung by musicians with a sincerity that transcends generations.
1Diamonds On The InsideBen Harper
2It's Been DoneAngela McCluskey
3A Matter Of MinutesShawn Colvin
4Driving With The Brakes OnDel Amitri
5WonderwallRyan Adams
6ProofI Am Kloot
7MonsoonLuka Bloom
8Power Of TwoIndigo Girls
9ColorsAmos Lee
10(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday NightGwyneth Herbert
11Clear DayKieran Goss
12The Only True AdventureEugene Ruffolo
13Love In L.A.Ernie Halter
14Eye Of The HurricaneDavid Wilcox
15Autumn DaysGus Black
total play time: 60 min 38 sec
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