wavemusic Volume 12 - Double CD - Deluxe Edition

Product no.: WM-12-D
It?s the beautiful and extraordinary things that make up real life. California Sunset Records is looking for just these things with its wavemusic brand ? preferably, of course, in the world of music. But what we mean here is obviously more than the actual sound; what really counts for a truly special package is the right mix of music, design and materials.

We sincerely hope that wavemusic Volume 12 meets these requirements. A fantastic range of tracks from all corners of the Jazz-Pop universe, accompanied by images from legendary fashion photographer F. C. Gundlach. The timeless quality of his pictures from the 1960s and 1970s provided us with inspiration, and so it is that we dedicate this minor work of art to F. C. Gundlach in the hope that it becomes an artefact in its own right. Artefacts, after all, have their own magical power - in this case that of generating happiness.
1SeduçaoBarriere feat. Themis
2WaveBrazilian Jazz Cuts v. Style Project
3I've Given EnoughBlue Six
4Rendezvous (Jazz Version)Culture Beat
5On The RunJustin Young
724HoursNils Landgren Funk Unit
8True FriendTuomo
9Thoughts & WordsStardelay
10Sao PauloRick Braun and Richard Elliot
11La Belle Dame Sans RegretsMarc Antoine
12Me And Mrs. JonesSarah Jane Morris
13Voz Da LapaToco
14FeverAlan Farrington
15All I WantJehro
16WaterMystic Diversions feat. Santiago
17Nothing Can Come Between UsBlank & Jones
18Paradise (Smooth Jazz Mix)Hil St. Soul
19Let It FlowNaoki Kenji feat. Daniela Beck
20You Go To My HeadGabriela Anders
21For What It's WorthPaul Brown
22Say No MoreRonny Jordan
23TwilightBrian Simpson
24Let Me Love YouJanita
25Life Is RealAyo
26All The AnswersRaul Midon
27Corner Of The EarthJamiroquai
28Sunday DriverThe Limp Twins
29Private Session (25th Mix)Lovers Lane
30Wave A Little LightMystic Diversions
total play time: 120 min 4 sec
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