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California Sunset Records feat. wavemusic is a very discriminating music label. Our compilations are works of art in terms of both music and design, with highly selective content being the key to their success. From Soul and Club Music, Smooth Jazz to Electro-Lounge, stylish Chill-Out and acoustic Pop: every CD, every musical journey is hand-compiled and an emotional trip in itself.

Music is for us both a motivation and a service. We love what we do, and would also like to be your compass in the contemporary musical jungle. These are CDs where you never want to skip a single track. Music that is both profound and easy on the ear – the essence of wavemusic.

But we also love the tactile aspect – and the concept of music that you can get your hands on. For that reason we produce wavemusic CDs in deluxe book-style packaging, in some cases wrapped in fine silk paper. All products are hand-assembled in Germany. Also featuring fantastic images from international star photographers like Gunter Sachs, F.C. Gundlach, Kristian Schuller, David Drabin, Martin H. M. Schreiberand many more.

Also we make perfect sound a top priority. All wavemusic CDs are therefore further enhanced at a high-end mastering studio (Zimmerli’s Swiss Precision Mastering). Transparency, dynamism and a warm sound – for us a point of pride.

There’s no denying that wavemusic is groove couture. Enjoy!