Buhne 16 - on the beach 6 - deluxe CD compilation

Product no.: BU-06-D

The oceans have always exerted a magical pull on people. For some they're one big playground, for others a spectacle to revel in all the way to the horizon while strolling down the beach. Plus there's always the option of simply recharging your batteries with a leisurely lie down in the sun and sand.


Buhne 16 can be the springboard for all these pleasures and more. The beachfront club/restaurant on the German island of Sylt is a hot spot for sun worshippers and surfers, locals and tourists. Its clientele is as diverse as they come, but everyone understands the same language and message: this is as good as it gets.


Buhne 16 - on the beach Vol. 6 is our new soundtrack for all those who want a sneak preview of the delectable sounds the location is famed for - and for regulars eager for a sample of that spirit to take home or on their travels.

Surf's up!


Enjoy wavemusic - enjoy Buhne 16

1Breakfast In SpitalfieldsJUAN ZELADA
2Storms and Hurricanes ALO
3Rocksteady SEAN HAYES
5Further Than Feelings JOEL BAKER
6Safe and Sound CHRIS KASPER
8I Wanna Go YUNA
10Perfect Soul DAVID FORD
11Keith St OH MERCY
13Just One Day MIGHTY OAKS
14The Fortress JACKSON DYER
total play time: 47 min 55 sec
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