Le Chic Club 1 - Deluxe Edition

Product no.: CC-01-D
LE CHIC CLUB picks up where the funky groove of the New York late-1970s underground left off. Initially heard at loft parties and later in clubs like the legendary Studio 54, the sound rapidly spread. DJs began mixing tracks, in the process breaking down traditional boundaries between genres. The resulting melting pot saw Funk and Soul married with Latin, Jazz and Rock to create a fresh, positively vibed and extremely danceable sound ? the dawn of Disco.

It is into precisely this groove that LE CHIC CLUB, the nightspot of our dreams, places the needle back in place and brings things bang up to date. Cutting-edge House and Dance sounds are blended into Soul and Latin grooves. A selection for people who expect more from a night than just a driving beat. Whether at home or at luxury locations like the 210 North club created by designer Charles Doell in Reno, Nevada ? our LE CHIC CLUB mix also has a body and heart. It lives, breathes and resurrects the history of happiness and the Disco era.

Soulful Dance Music ? mixed by Blank+Jones.
2Miss YouGroove Da Praia
3FeelLi'sha Project
4Akwaaba (Diesler feat. Laura Vane Club Remix)AIFF
5Avenue L'AmourNaomi
6Dance Floor (Nu Brazilia Remix)The Tao Of Groove
7Sun Is Shining (Shiny Mix)Trippynova
8You're So RightCamiel
9Music & Wine (Speakeasy 3000!)Blue Six
10Meo Amor (Schwarz & Funk Deep Mix)Timbalestics
11BelieveSoldiers Of Twilight
12It's You It's MeKaskade
13SecretsMiguel Migs
14(I Got) Somebody NewGeorg Levin feat. Clara Hill
15I Will Entertain YouRangovich feat. Elisabeth
total play time: 75 min 28 sec
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