Easy Beats 5 - Deluxe Edition

Product no.: EB-05-D
Music gives us the opportunity to leave reality behind us and dive into the warm and inviting realm of the senses. This is an otherworldly land where milk and honey flow in abundance, where the sun never sets and we are left in a blissful state of limbo. It is a place for lovers to enjoy recurring eruptions of joy and happiness ? where a hot desert wind carries our lust for life through time, and the soul expands infinitely.

... aim high and do not fear of putting your head in the clouds when you?ve got your feet firmly planted on the ground. 

For us, music is a drug prescribed by the universe, and EASY BEATS 5 is our latest concoction. Just press play, close your eyes and feel how a warm, mellow glow tingles through your body. Easy.

Enjoy the trip! 
1Float On (Moonlight Mix) Mystic Diversions
2Relax Your Mind Blank & Jones
3The Difference Smoove & Turrell
6SignBoozoo Bajou
7Maria JoseFederico Aubele
9The Road Is Lonesome Club des Belugas feat. anna.luca
10Bittersweet Faith Bitter Sweet
11Aquarian Angel Blue Six
12She Comes Walking Weathertunes
13VoltaZuco 103
14Fess It GirlGecko Turner
total play time: 60 min 14 sec
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