wavemusic Volume 16 - Double CD - Deluxe Edition

Product no.: WM-16-D

Record covers comprise sound without noise; in strict accordance with the notes or more pretty and playful. Classic black & white or on the flamboyant and surreal side. They might be loud and wild or soft and subtle. Ideally the picture on the cover will reflect the music inside the cover. And the most effective see the image conjured up in the listener?s mind when hearing the music. Think: Abbey Road, Breakfast in America or the iconic Rolling Stones tongue.

The images gracing our all-new wavemusic 16 compilation are positively dreamlike. The mastermind behind the camera: Kristian Schuller. For his photographic book 90 Days One Dream he created a series of otherworldly images featuring young models against stunning backdrops across the globe.

And the music on this double CD is likewise stunning. Fantastic songs by largely little-known artists, among them real insider tips such as Okou from France, Spencer Day from the US and New Zealand singer Tama Waipara. But you?ll also recognize a few big names, like Soul diva Oleta Adams and The Whitest Boy Alive (the brainchild of Kings of Convenience singer Erlend Oye). 28 tracks that cover a wild variety of different genres while touching your soul in the process. The kinds of songs that you don?t just find everywhere. Together they comprise a work of art ? relaxed but with substance. A wonderful music journey for which not even 90 days seems sufficient.

Schuller?s dreamlike photos and the music of wavemusic 16. Sounds and images ? wrapped in silk paper.

An intense feast for the eyes and ears.

1ShineDublex Inc. feat. Sandhy SonDoro
2Get RightMindi Abair feat. Ryan Collins
4SmokeCT Lab
5Os Pastore Da NoiteGelka
6Suoni D'oroPhilippe Chretien
7Nao FaloAmana Melome'
8You Can't Own MeGecko Turner
9IntentionsThe Whitest Boy Alive
10Tangled Up In BlueBen Sidran
11Where I GoTama Waipara
12The Younger We WereNighthawks
13Silently ScreamingThe Gasby Project feat. Inga Lühning
14Another Day Has Come And GoneOleta Adams
15Till You Come To MeSpencer Day
16Jesse JamesBrazzaville
17To The BoneOkou
18The Whole Point Of No ReturnSuperpulse
20Sur La TerreMartin Solveig
21Fleur RougeMonte La Rue
22Sunshine LoveBing Ji Ling
23VenomDutch Rhythm Combo feat. Joe Dukie
24Why Does The Wind? (Ewan Pearson Radio Edit)Tracey Thorn
25Still ThereRoos Jonker
26Pure LoveSpherical
27Quite SureBai Kaimara Jr.
total play time: 114 min 41 sec
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